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Trade Events Mate

Trade Events Mate iPhone AppTourism Australia
The Trade Events Mate iPhone and Mobile Web App has enabled Tourism Australia to improve communication at its major tourism events in Australia and overseas. By enabling tourism delegates to view their appointments, view maps and layouts of the conference event venues and get guidance to their next appointments, tourism operators and suppliers are better able to manage their time at the Tourism Australia events, providing a better event experience. The use of the app also reduces the need for delegates to print paper copies of their schedules, saving both time and trees. The Trade Events Mate mobile app was built by gamozzii as both a native iOS app and a cross platform HTML-5 mobile web app using the Sencha Touch HTML-5/CSS3 mobile framework.

TELEntice Touch

Fujitsu Australia Software Technology
gamozzii has enabled Fujitsu Australia to enhance their existing digital media products using Near Field Communications technology (NFC) in an App that utilises Android BEAM technology. This app enables users to share loyalty coupons and demographically targeted content with digital media displays located in shopping centers, by tapping their NFC enabled Android mobile phone to an NFC Touch Point. The app incorporates facebook integration to enable users to share their experience via social media.

Spit Bridge Opening Times

Spit Bridge iPhone AppNSW Public
gamozzii has provided the Spit Bridge Opening times App as a way for members of the NSW public to better manage their travel experience when crossing the Spit Bridge in Sydney. The Spit Bridge opens at regular intervals throughout the day, and by providing timely information as to opening times, as well as general location information about the Spit Bridge the App enables users to plan their travel to avoid delays, improving their productivity. The Spit Bridge App clearly demonstrates how mobile technology can be used to place exactly the right information, at the right location and time into the users hands to aid decision making.


Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney
gamozzii built a pilot iOS App for Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney using our iContentAtGeo proximity triggered, location based content delivery framework. This prototype enables visitors to the gardens to view pictures and text and listen to audio relating to nearby landmarks as they wander through the Royal Botanic gardens. The goal of this app is to both enhance the visitor experience and increase awareness about the valuable work that the Royal Botanic Gardens carries out in its scientific programs.

New Era Automotive

New Era Automotive Services
The New Era Automotive app enables New Era Automotive to differentiate itself from its competitors, as well as enhance its brand perception as an innovative high tech supplier of automotive services, by building a creative app for booking automotive services with New Era.  This app incorporates animation and sound effects to enhance the user experience.  The app also improves productivity for New Era Automotive by ensuring client requests are promptly received and dealt with with minimal interruption to ongoing work.


KinCare Health Services
The myKinCare app has enabled KinCare to improve staff productivity, reduce data handling costs and improve the quality of their service.KinCare provides aged and disabled care services throughout Australia.  The myKinCare app enables KinCare carers to view and manage their client appointments, including capturing feedback and recording other details about the appointment, including signatures and images. By using geolocation and realtime data capture myKinCare enhances productivity as well as reduces costs related to re-keying data for both the carer and back-office staff.  The ability to capture feedback from the client also enables KinCare to better manage the services they deliver to their clients.  gamozzii developed the myKinCare app as both native iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android versions

CCA Clubhouse

Coca Cola Amatil Ltd
The CCA Clubhouse app enables CCA to roll out coupons and loyalty cards from its CCA Clubhouse program to mobile apps.  Customers can download the latest discount coupons based on their location, and then redeem them at nearby retail outlets to obtain food and drink discounts.  The app includes Microsoft Tag Scanning technology to scan barcodes at outlets and find out the discount coupons that are available to the consumer at the outlet. The app manages user registration, coupon downloads and user profile and password management.  It also incorporates geolocation to filter the available coupons to only those relevant to the consumers current location and displays them within a Google Map. This enhances brand loyalty and awareness and ultimately boosts retailers adoption of consumer food and beverage products from this food and beverages distributer.  The app was developed by gamozzii as a native iOS application.