Locally Built and Supported Mobile Apps Provide Comfort

The ability to hold face to face meetings to discuss app designs, review project planning or analyse support problems has been found to be valued by gamozzii’s Australian client base. As well as the tangible benefits of better communication, it also provides an added comfort knowing that help is ‘just around the corner’ when changes or assistance are needed. When a mobile app becomes a key and important component of an enterprises service delivery or sales, it becomes all the more important to ensure that ongoing and committed support is available well after the initial solution has been delivered. This [...]


Understanding Enterprise Key to Successful Mobile App Integration

Having a supplier that has many years experience working with, and integrating into, enterprise application infrastructure is a key component to successfully creating mobile apps that will not only provide a great user experience for customers, staff or business partners, but that will efficiently utilise and update information from enterprise systems in a way that is secure and reliable. Whether your are hosting proprietary or off-the-shelf ERP systems, tailored J2EE or Microsoft server solutions, or other legacy server/database environments, it is highly likely gamozzii will have had experience already in integrating into those systems. The mobile environment has unique characteristics [...]


Knowing the Technology Helps

The mobile environment is new and changing, and there are a multitude of ways that solutions can be implemented, and a multitude of tools that can be used to add valuable features to mobile applications. Everything from geolocation, mapping, barcode scanning, on-screen-signature capture, photo capture, security, social network integration, facebook, twitter, calendaring, analytics, google, email, sms and can be leveraged to enhance the functionality of a mobile app and improve a users enjoyment and productivity when using it. These features can also be used to provide Enterprises with valuable data quickly and easily that can improve their service, aid their [...]