Enterprise Mobile App Development

Mobile Technology

Leverage our experience with the following mobile technologies

  • Mapping and Geolocation
    Integrate maps, location tracking and location aware content.
  • Mobile Barcode scanning
    We are experienced with a wide variety of barcode types including standard barcodes, 2D barcodes, QR Codes, Microsoft Tag Library and NFC Tags.
  • Social media functionality, Twitter and Facebook Integration
    Posting to facebook and twitter, and facebook/twitter signin
  • On screen signature capture
    Digital signature capture, encrypted and time stamped and sent to your server as proof of a transaction.
  • REST/JSON integration, Web services/XML integration, Integration to enterprise systems
    We are experienced with integration to a wide variety of enterprise system interfaces, including Web Services/XML, REST/JSON payloads.
  • Google Analytics Integration
    Monitor your app’s usage patterns utilising Google Analytics.
  • Online/offline local storage models, Core Data, SQL Lite
    Make your app work offline or with limited 3G/4G bandwidth by incorporating offline local caching of data and later synchronization.
  • Security/authentication integration, OpenID and OAuth integration
    We can integrate your app to a variety of authentication mechanisms.
  • Near Field Communication (NFC)
    Leverage NFC technology in Android handsets, including Android Beam, NFC Tag Scanning and interfacing to third party NFC tag readers and writers.
  • Google Apps and Calendar integration
    Integrate your app to Google Calendar and Google Apps.
  • Mobile user interface design, Apple Human Interface Guidelines, Apple Cocoa Touch and UIKit, Android User Interface Framework
    When we build an app we utilise the available tools and ensure compliance with the Apple Human Interface guidelines, helping to get your app approved in a timely manner. We are also experienced with customising the standard UI components to provide a uniquely branded look for your app.
  • Apple App Store Distrubution, Google Play Store Distribution
    We can assist with packaging and information required to get your consumer targeted app into the public market places.
  • Ad-hoc App Distribution, Mobile testing tools (e.g. Test Flight)
  • To ensure quality, we utilise automated testing and distribution tools which assist your test team in getting timely updates and patches.