Understanding Enterprise Key to Successful Mobile App Integration

Having a supplier that has many years experience working with, and integrating into, enterprise application infrastructure is a key component to successfully creating mobile apps that will not only provide a great user experience for customers, staff or business partners, but that will efficiently utilise and update information from enterprise systems in a way that is secure and reliable. Whether your are hosting proprietary or off-the-shelf ERP systems, tailored J2EE or Microsoft server solutions, or other legacy server/database environments, it is highly likely gamozzii will have had experience already in integrating into those systems.

The mobile environment has unique characteristics such as less reliable internet access, local storage and performance limitations, as well as on-device features and benefits, that can all be leveraged and incorporated into an end-to-end enterprise solution strategy. Having a supplier that is experienced with both ends of this spectrum greatly improves an enterprises ability to successfully roll out efficient and lasting solutions to mobile device users, whether they be retail customers, wholesale customers, staff, suppliers or other business partners.

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